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Autumn Awakening

The movement to occupy Wall Street is an inspiring example of direct action to challenge the economic and  political system.  The Autumn Awakening is an opportunity to educate and inform the conscience and consciousness of ourselves and our neighbors.  Post here with ideas, action and visions for an awakened Oakland–networked with other autonomous communities in North America and around the world.

In the Bay area the fall marks the beginning of the rainy season, a time when the natural world is vitalized by water even as the days grow shorter.  On a planetary level, time is short but renewal is in process. This blog is an avenue for folks in the Oakland area to communicate about our efforts to reclaim and expand the commons and to build movements and methods that can create and sustain a transition to a just economic and political system.

The corporate-state system of governance and economic development has failed for the vast majority of humans, is causing mass species extinction and and is disrupting the planetary ecological balance. It’s time to act /reflect /engage.



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