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Consensus, Autonomy and Democracy

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Max Rameau: Occupy to Liberate

Re-posted from organizing upgrade The Occupy Strategy Lab of Organizing Upgrade is excited to share the thoughts of movement innovator and strategist Max Rameau. With his experience founding the Take Back the Land movement and advancing land-liberation and eviction defense strategies, Max is well positioned to provide some insight into how organizers can and should strategically connect … Continue reading

Oakland Police Threaten Violent Eviction

The City of Oakland continues to threaten eviction by force and today sent police into the Oscar Grant Plaza to distribute eviction notices. Please be on alert and prepared to come to 14th & Broadway to support Occupy Oakland.  If the camp is evicted gather at 4pm at the Main Library at Oak and 14th … Continue reading

Invitation and Statement from the Oakland General Assembly

To the people (aka the 99%):  Our only demand is an invitation: Join Us! We are reclaiming public space to use as a forum for the people to come together, meet one another, listen to each other, and build power for ourselves.  Occupy Oakland is more than just a speak-out or a camp out.  The … Continue reading

Occupy Oakland October 10; 4 pm

The Oakland General Assembly decided today that the people of Oakland will occupy Frank Ogawa Plaza at the corner of 14th & Broadway on Monday, October 10 starting at 4:00pm in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, the many occupations underway across the country and Indigenous Resistance Day. Several meetings of a General Assembly have been … Continue reading

Oakland Education Association Backs 4 p.m. City Hall ‘Occupy Oakland’ Rally Demanding Economic Justice

Media Advisory                                                          October 10, 2011 Oakland Education Association Backs 4 p.m. City Hall ‘Occupy Oakland’ Rally Demanding Economic Justice OAKLAND – Oakland Unified educators will join a 4 p.m. “Occupy Oakland” rally at city hall today after the Oakland Education Association Executive Board voted to support the national grass-roots “Occupy Wall Street” movement against corporate … Continue reading

Cops Are People

Cops are people and most of them are literally part of the 99% and do share some class interests with other public employees, but by the design of the system and as an observable fact they work for the 1% and if they are doing their jobs they are working against the 99%.

Consensus vs. Democracy

Democratic decision making in popular movements is challenging. Consensus decision-making is even more so. General Assemblies are a weak methodology for decision making among strangers but an excellent way of getting to know people and have interesting dialogues–so long as group-think doesn’t outweigh the exercise of conscience.

Black And Latino Families and the 99%

Causa Justa :: Just Cause Across the country fallout from the outrage at Big Banks bailouts, the foreclosure crisis and mounting attacks on the working class have awoken many who once lived comfortably and thought the American Dream was theirs. A growing number are now coming to an understanding that there is no dream after … Continue reading

Oakland Courthouse Foreclosure Protest

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